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pankaj Sijairya Is Indias Top Chemistry Facuty along with tecahing He Give Sharayi in Between The Class



⚜Within a given period atomic radius decreases from left to right. This is due to the effect of increase in nuclear charge while the electrons are being added to the same shell.

⚜Within a given group atomic radius increases down the group. This is due to the increase in number of shells.

⚜In the first transition series the atomic size slightly decreases from Sc to Mn because effect of effective nuclear charge is stronger than the shielding effect. The atomic size from Fe to Ni remains almost the same because both the effects balance each other.

⚜The atomic size from Cu to Zn slightly increases because shielding effect is more than effective nuclear charge due to d10 structure of Cu and Zn. 

⚜Inner transition elements – As we move along the lanthanide series, there is a decrease in atomic as well as ionic radius. The decrease in size is regular in ions but not so regular in atoms. This is called lanthanide contraction


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